Ethereum Light Client update, Wednesday 9th September (by Anthony Cros)

Hi everyone,

Another update, since quite a lot has changed since last time!

The go-ethereum team is now actively working on a first version of light clients.  I guess that first version will handle the simplest uses cases, i.e. not taking part in securing the network.

cpp-ethereum devs have also mentioned on the newly created Ethereum Light Client Skype channel that they expect the newer protocols to be added to the C++ codebase within a few weeks (this will be needed for them to start working on light client capabilities).

In light of these changes, we are now offering our help to the go team to help speed up the development in any capacity we can. I had a Skype session with Zsolt Felföldi who is in charge of this task, and we agreed that if there was anything he could reasonably delegate to me, I would take it over (I’m now quite familiar with that codebase).

But as the The Mythical Man-Month posits, it may actually best to watch from the sideline until we can participate more efficiently.  Either way, all this is good news for those of us excited about light client support!

Stay tuned for more news in the weeks to come…

2 thoughts on “Ethereum Light Client update, Wednesday 9th September (by Anthony Cros)

    1. It depends on your use-case, right, Alan? We are building foundations here for executing arbitrary dapps on IoT devices, wearables, etc. There is a lot more to be built than just wallets, and even web wallets won’t be usable on smartwatches and similar.


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