Mobile/wearable test farm takes shape

Laura Kalbag from did me a huge favor recently when she pointed me to the superb DeviceLab from Vanamco.   As a background task I have been putting together a home-based mobile Linux test farm, which I will be using for automated testing of our Ethereum ports.





And all of this is going to sit behind the pfSense box I built, when I finish the OS setup and cabling on that.    I might revisit my wireless router setup at the same time.

So what have I got racked up on those two boards right now?

Left hand board (mainly Tizen)

Form factor Device OS Version
Smartwatch Gear 2 Tizen 2.2.1
Smartwatch Gear S Tizen 2.3.0
Smartphone Samsung Z1 Tizen 2.3.0
Smartphone Samsung Z3 Tizen 2.4.0
Developer phone Samsung RD-PQ Tizen 2.3.0
Smartphone Nokia N9 MeeGo 1.2 (Harmattan)
Developer phone Nexus 4 Sailfish 1.??

Right hand board (a very random selection)

Form factor Device OS Version
Smartphone Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8.0
Smartphone Geeksphone Peak Firefox OS 1.0
Smartphone Blackberry Z10 BB10 10.0
Smartphone iPhone 3GS iOS 5.0
Smartphone iPhone 5 iOS 5.0
Smartwatch Samsung Gear Live Android Wear 4.4
Smartwatch Apple Watch Sport watchOS 1.0

And what else do I have which isn’t hooked up yet?

Form factor Device OS Version
Developer phone Samsung TM1 Tizen 2.4.0 Beta
Smartwatch Samsung Gear S2 Tizen 2.3.1
Smartphone Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Edition Ubuntu Touch ??.??
Smartphone Jolla Phone Sailfish 2.0
Tablet Jolla Tablet Sailfish 2.0
Tablet Nexus 7 Android  ?
Tablet Samsung Tab S Android  ?
Tablet iPad 3 iOS ?
SBC Raspberry Pi Raspbian ?
SBC Odroid-XU4 Tizen 3.0
SBC Intel NUC Tizen 3.0

And completely unrelated to this effort, I also have my Commodore 64 and Atari VCS to get connected!



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