Jolla Phone has arrived at doublethinkco!

I know I’m a bit late to the party, and that it is November 2015, not November 2013, but my Jolla Phone has arrived in Vancouver!



I had to order the phone indirectly, for delivery to my parent’s house in the UK, and then re-mailed from there.   I have heard some whispers of 3G working for people in Canada, and will report back on whether I can get that going with my Rogers provider, or if I’m tied to 2G.

The company could use some good news, and I hope my purchase and continuing intention to bring Ethereum to Sailfish will raise a faint smile on some weary faces.   A familiar name popped up to help with that process yesterday, with the arrival of Martin Brook (vgrade) who is trying a Sailfish native C++ build in parallel with our ongoing C++ cross-build efforts.  Great to have him helping!

Ironically, getting the Sailfish cross-build working on the Jolla Phone is likely my quickest route to a Tizen Gear S2 version.   Because the whole platform is built for developers, not for dumb consumers!   No GDB on the Gear S2, for example.

Best wishes, Jolla and sailors!

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