Wrapping up

Hi all!

So my contract with doublethink.co is ending, at least in its current form. Our most consequent codebase that cross-compiles the c++ implementation of Ethereum on various platforms is now in a reasonably maintainable/extensible state. Bob will now be driving all remaining tweaks to get all sorts of great architectures going! I will likely step in here and there if there are more substantial chunks of code to be written, as well as help with any issues/shortcomings of the existing code.


Bob is also actively working with the “upstream” dev team now, and trying to adapt/fix their codebase so that we don’t need all these hacks. He’s so far managed to get some good PRs merged (for instance this one and that one), so it’s quite encouraging for the future. Ideally our own codebase would shrink over time as its content becomes configuration knobs in the canonical implementation.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing all the cool devices that will soon be able to run Ethereum 🙂 My fridge just can’t wait to order its own milk anymore…

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