We have BlockGrantX funding!

I am delighted to report that we have emerged victorious in our application for BlockGrantX #2 from Wanxiang Blockchain Labs with our “Ethereum for Resource Constrained Devices”.

This means that our ongoing work on C++ cross-builds and subsequent and long-planned C++ Light Client work will be funded.   Hurrah 🙂

Thank you, Wanxiang Blockchain Labs, for your generous contribution to the eco-system!



An extract from the funding application

“Bringing Ethereum to the resource-constrained devices which are likely to dominate Edge Computing in the coming era of IoT”

We have seen prototypes in this area from Project ADEPT and Slock.it, but they have all been running full nodes on devices which are near-desktop capability in terms of CPU, storage and network specifications. I want to build the real thing – starting with the Gear S2 smartwatch as a flagship device.

The approach is to cross-compile the C++ client, minimize its dependencies and footprint, and then to add support for the LES light client protocol.

The project has been ongoing since July 2015 … We hit our first major milestone in late November – with working cross-builds for a large variety of devices.

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