RELEASED – Cross-build eth binaries for Homestead (UPDATED to 1.2.2)


Are you looking forward for the Homestead transition on Pi Day?

So are we, and if you have any ARM devices (SBCs, Linux mobile, etc) and would like something to play around with this week, here’s a fresh round of Homestead-friendly cross-built eth-v1.2.2 binaries for you to try out.

If you don’t know any much about ARM ABIs then you are not alone.

There is a big table in the README for the cpp-ethereum-cross repo which has details on which of these releases you will need for a very broad range of ARM devices.   If you’re still having issues getting it going, please tweet to @doublethink_co, or raise a GitHub issue and we’ll try to get you unstuck.


ARMv7, hard-float crosseth-armhf-apt-v1.2.2
ARMv7, soft-float crosseth-armel-apt-v1.2.2
ARMv5, hard-float crosseth-armhf-v1.2.2
ARMv5, soft-float crosseth-armel-v1.2.2

Just unzip the content onto your device and do something like the following (dependent on your actual unzip directory):

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/eth/lib

We aim to produce matching cross-builds for every official cpp-ethereum release moving forward.

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