Ethereum Light Client

doublethinkco‘s first project is bringing Light Client support for Ethereum to mobile Linux platforms.   That includes eth (the C++ client) and geth (the Go client).


Having a working light client implementation is critical for bringing Ethereum to mobile, wearable, IoT and embedded devices.   There is already an Android port of ethereumj (see it running on Samsung Galaxy S6 and inwatchZ).  That client code can either run as a full-node or in a mode where the Android client communicates with a full node over json-rpc.

Full nodes are probably too heavy-weight to be practical for smartphones, let alone for smaller devices.   Jarrad Hope and co are going to be looking at a full light client implementation for ethereumj too.   We are collaborating on Gitter, now working directly with the go-ethereum team.

Initial targets for the go and C++ Ethereum light clients are likely to be some of the following devices:


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